About the Tuckerite Cookbook

Tuckerites are fond of food.

No. Really.

Just after Season Three started the Trip/Malcolm forum began a series of threads titled “Dinner and [insert episode title]” where we tried to plan menus around the theme of the show, and included items dedicated to regulars or guests. Then came the holidays and ponderings on what Chef would make. Then it got big...

The rest, as the say, is history.

All of this activity can tie in with evay's Food Chain, since so many of the episodes had scenes in the mess hall. Or pregnant chief engineers being fed gelatin cubes. Or on an alien planet, eating lord knows what.

Many of the Tuckerites provided recipes.
Evay provided the original idea in an offhand suggestion one day. She claims she was surprised that we acted so quickly.Food, glorious food. And really loud shirts.
Aprylrae took the ball and ran with it.
Laughingmuse created the initial templates and site structure and whatnot.
Myst, Bucky, and A4T welcomed us onto the House of Tucker with the "new room".

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