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It's official!! Enterprise has been renewed for a fourth season! While the design is still rather plain, we're opening the cookbook so that folks can pull the celebratory recipes and start their parties now!

As we wait for the new season (September 2004), add your recipes.

Latest Updates

Christmas Cookies
[ added on December 17, 2004 ]
Christmas cookie recipe worth sharing.... (from Li)
Granny's Fried Chicken
[ added on November 5, 2004 ]
Trip's Granny's specialty
Aniseplštzchen (Self-Frosting Anise Drops)
[ added on October 8, 2004 ]
I'm going to bet Malcolm's Aunt Sherry made these when Mal and Maddie were due for a visit.
Honey Cornbread
[ added on October 8, 2004 ]
Trip's older sister's specialty.
Crab Latkes
[ added on October 8, 2004 ]
(too small to count as "cakes," really) Archer's from SFO; he likes seafood.

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